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Calgary's Premier Events in 2024

Calgary is set to host an impressive array of events in 2024, offering something for everyone. From pop culture conventions to beer festivals, and vibrant cultural celebrations, Calgary is the place to be. Here's your essential guide to the city's most anticipated events, ensuring you make the most of Calgary's dynamic event calendar.


The Calgary Expo is a haven for pop culture enthusiasts, featuring an exciting lineup of celebrity guests, movie reunions, and an array of local vendors. It's the perfect venue for fans to celebrate their favorite aspects of pop culture.

  • Location: To be announced

  • Highlights: Celebrity meet-and-greets, panels, and cosplay

  • Tickets: Available on the event's website


A toast to beer lovers! The Alberta International Beer Festival brings together the best of global and local beers at the BMO Centre, offering attendees a chance to savor a wide range of brews.

  • Location: BMO Centre, Stampede Park

  • Highlights: Beer tastings, food pairings, and live entertainment

  • Tickets: Available on the event's official website

Celebrate Canada's signature cocktail at YYCaesarfest, where local bars and restaurants showcase their unique takes on the Caesar. This event promises a mix of great flavors and fun at the Stampede grounds.

  • Location: Stampede grounds

  • Highlights: Caesar cocktail variations, culinary delights

  • Tickets: Available on the event's official website


Kick off summer with the Lilac Festival. This one-day event features food, live music, and local vendors along 4th Avenue, making it a perfect family outing.

  • Location: 4th Avenue

  • Highlights: Street performances, artisan markets

  • Admission: Free

For fans of the macabre, Horror Con offers a spine-chilling weekend with attractions that delve into the horror genre. It's a must-visit for those who love thrills and chills.

  • Location: To be announced

  • Highlights: Spooky attractions, horror film screenings

  • Tickets: Information available closer to the event

Sled Island is a premier music and arts festival that boasts a diverse lineup of performers, art exhibitions, and film screenings, offering something for every arts and music enthusiast.

  • Location: Various venues across Calgary

  • Highlights: Live music performances, art exhibitions

  • Tickets: Available on their website


Celebrate Canada Day with a spectacular fireworks display. The location will be announced, promising a breathtaking view of the festivities.

  • Location: To be announced

  • Highlights: Vibrant fireworks display

  • Admission: Free

Known as "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth," the Calgary Stampede is a celebration of Western heritage with rodeos, concerts, and an array of food and entertainment.

  • Location: Stampede Park

  • Highlights: Rodeo competitions, live music, and exhibitions

  • Tickets: Available through AXS

Immerse yourself in Latin culture at the Fiestaval Latin Festival. This free event at Olympic Plaza features food vendors, performers, and a beer garden, celebrating the vibrant Latin community in Calgary.

  • Location: Olympic Plaza

  • Highlights: Latin music performances, cultural displays

  • Admission: Free

The Calgary Folk Fest at Prince’s Island Park is a longstanding music festival that showcases a mix of live performances in a scenic outdoor setting.

  • Location: Prince’s Island Park

  • Highlights: Diverse music lineup, community vibe

  • Tickets: Information available on the event website


Taste of Calgary offers samples of the city’s best food, beverages, and music, all in one place. The event is free to attend, with food and drink sampling tickets available for purchase.

  • Location: To be announced

  • Highlights: Culinary samples, live music

  • Admission: Free, with purchase options for food and drink samples

The Calgary Fringe Festival is a celebration of theatre, featuring a variety of uncensored and non-juried performances across the city. It's a platform for creative expression and innovative storytelling.

  • Location: Various venues across Calgary

  • Highlights: Theatre performances, experimental art

  • Tickets: Information available closer to the event

Western Canada’s largest outdoor electronic dance music festival, Chasing Summer, promises an electrifying lineup of artists and an unforgettable experience for EDM fans.

  • Location: To be announced

  • Highlights: EDM performances, vibrant festival atmosphere

  • Tickets: Information available closer to the event

Other Notable Events

Calgary's event calendar for 2024 is packed with diverse and engaging events. Whether you're a local resident or a visitor, there's something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant city. Don't miss out on these unforgettable experiences that showcase the best of Calgary's culture, creativity, and community spirit.

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